ONE2ONE Testimonials

Luna Pedrosa

University of Florida

Without One2One College Consulting’s care and effort in every single aspect of how I should construct my application, I would not be at the school that I attend today. Everyone is super kind and very honest on how I should present myself. The time and consideration both Mara and Erik spent with me greatly encouraged me to not be afraid of the college application process and reassured me that I will be happy wherever I end up. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Mara’s positive guidance. I met my new lifelong friends and I am learning my dream career all because of her. GO GATORS!!

Cayla Schwartz

Tulane University

For as long as I can remember, I only wanted to go to one college: Tulane. I knew that getting into that school would be a reach for me, but I made it my focus all throughout high school. When I started working with Mara, I told her Tulane was the only school for me. She really tried to get me to give other places a chance too – which I did. And she made excellent recommendations that really were good choices. But she knew how badly I wanted this ONE school and even though I know she didn’t want me to get my hopes up, she helped me do everything possible to make me the best possible candidate and give me the best chance of being accepted at Tulane. She held my hand the whole way through the application process from the Common App to my essays, and when I was just feeling nervous, she always took the time to reassure me that it all would work out and I would be OK. When I got the good news that I was accepted at Tulane, she was truly as happy as I was. I feel very fortunate to have found Mara and lucky that she was my partner, advisor, counselor and friend throughout my college application process.

Elle LaPenta

Boston College

Over the course of the difficult and stressful college application process, Mara was a constant source of comfort and support for me. Whenever I was anxious or fearful, I would turn to her, and she instantly cured my worries. She provided the tools, resources, and support for me to succeed. Her wholistic approach allowed me to find the right college fit, and I couldn’t be happier at the end result. Working with her was one of the greatest privileges and I will forever be grateful to her. Her positivity kept me going during some of the hardest times, and her kind and charismatic attitude never let me feel alone. Mara was truly one of the greatest gifts I was given during the college application process, and I wish everyone could experience the great pleasure and delight of getting to work with her.

James F.

Ross School of Business, U Michigan

We worked with Mara to help navigate through the college admissions procedures. She was always available to promptly answer any questions and help us in any way. I would highly recommend Mara and One2One College Consulting.

Morgan A.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mara took all my worries and stress away. Any time I had a question or concern within minutes Mara had an answer. Mara would always be ahead of the game and prepare me for the next steps. In the beginning I gave Mara a list of 18 schools and she guided me through the process, easing a very stressful process. She took the time to discuss my career aspirations and which schools would match my interests, and she was able to discuss the importance of community and how that played a huge part in where I would attend. Needless to say, she was spot on suggesting where I could get accepted. Mara was not just any college advisor: she was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. In addition to being the BEST college advisor, One2One provides one stop shopping: career coaching through Digital First, Test Prep, tutoring, and overall support. When I apply to graduate school, I’m 100 percent planning to use One2One and look forward to teaming with Mara again!.

Cole R.

University of Texas, Austin

Mara could not have possibly helped me more throughout the college process, and I genuinely mean that. From emotional support to tangible results through college acceptances, she was with me each and every step of the way, always willing to help and offer advice whenever I needed it. She is terrific and has a great team of writers and tutors that are incredibly understanding and knowledgeable! She facilitated the process for me and made the whole process feel much more manageable and clear. I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone, she was the best!

Clara B.

University of Texas, Austin

Thank you so much for all of your support throughout the college admissions process. Mara was very helpful with great ideas as I was creating my plan to round out my junior year and connect my activities. She also helped me create a balanced list of schools that fit my criteria. She did intensive brainstorming with me for my main essay and encouraged me to make a change when it wasn’t working which allowed me to end up with a unique essay. She also connected me to Erik to help with ACT prep and essay editing which helped me a lot. With Mara’s support I got into Duke ED and I am thrilled about my years ahead!

I 100% recommend MaraPatti and One2One’s college consulting services!




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