Looking for graduate schools, let alone college in general, is an overwhelming process that has a tendency of bringing out anxiety in the best of us. The experience I’ve had working with Mara is un-matchable. Since I’ve graduated from college, it’s been impossible to find a supportive advisor while searching for doctoral programs. Not only has Mara helped increase the number of opportunities I could choose from, she has been an outlet of consolation in the times where I’ve needed encouragement the most. Receiving that acceptance letter, email, or memo from a college is just half the battle. Mara takes the extra step to find out what makes someone unique in the effort of discovering a school that’s harmonious to an individuals needs (including academically, socially, financially). I can’t even count the number of times I’ve felt the waves of fear envelop within myself. During these moments, Mara used her skills as a counselor to bring my attention back to reality. I consider Mara to be not just a great college advisor or excellent counselor, but a system of support. The buttress Mara bestowed on me is something I’ve only experienced from the care of an intimate friend. For those of you that have finished your undergraduate studies and are looking to take the next step towards a graduate degree, I highly encourage working with Mara. I can’t even describe how stressful the process of applying to graduate school is, let alone a doctoral program. With that said, Mara has made my dreams come true while also being there as a shoulder to lean on during the times I needed it the most. Thank you, Mara. And good luck to those of you pursuing further education.

– Neil Schwartz
– Nova University Doctoral Program

Mara is Un-Matchable!

Like many parents, we were nervous about the college application process. Mara Patti made our daughters experience seamless and stress free.  We highly recommend Ms. Patti with no reservations!

-Meg Wallach

-Penn State

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Seamless and Stress Free Experience!

Mara has been my family’s saving grace during the college admissions process. She explained and navigated us seamlessly through each and every step. We loved her creativity in coming up with college essay topics and resume building to make my daughter shine in the best possible way. Mara was accessible to us and calmed our nerves when needed (which was quite a lot) during these past several months. Mara is enthusiastic and passionate about what she does and that is very clear when working with her. She will definitely be helping my younger daughter get into the college of her choice. I highly recommend having Mara in your corner, she is the BEST!

-Zoe Runyon

-Rollins College


Mara is a Saving Grace!

I worked with Mara to help navigate through the college admissions procedures. She was always available to promptly answer any questions and help us in any way.

-James Fryer

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Always Available!

“Mara is a wonderful guidance counselor.  From brain storming, choosing the right colleges to apply, planning, strategizing, organizing and navigating the application process, Mara was thorough, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. Although college application process was stressful, meetings with Mara were always pleasant. Everyone would feel calm, relaxed and confident coming out of it!  She worked diligently to guide both our children every step of the way to reach their goals successfully.  Thank you, Mara!”

-Andrew and Brandon (Brothers)

-Johns Hopkins University

Thorough, Knowledgeable, and Extremely Supportive

Without Mara I would not have gotten into my dream school. Mara helped me stand out during the application process and helped me with everything I needed. I never felt lost or confused during the stressful time of applying to college. I would recommend Mara to anyone as she was amazing and and easy to work with !

-Corinne Issa

-University of Miami ‘21


Mara Helped Me Immensely During the Application Process!

One2One helped me find my perfect fit for college. Mara made me feel comfortable asking her any questions I needed to and made the application process a breeze. I recommend Mara for anyone going through the college application process who wants to find the perfect school for them.

-Sydney Lubiten

-Kelly School of Business at Indiana University


Mara Made ALL The Difference!!

I would not have survived the college admissions process without Mara’s help! During an extremely stressful time she helped to keep me organized and navigate the application process. She worked with me through every step and was a calming force and support. After our sessions I always felt relaxed and confident.

-Jillian Fein

-George Washington University


Mara Helped Every Step of the Way!

Mara was a huge help during my college admissions process. Her knowledge expertise and connections cannot be beat. She helped me with all aspects of my college applications; from essays, resumes, and figuring out which colleges to apply to, Mara allowed me to thrive during the admissions process and put me at ease.

-Maddy Fein

-George Washington University


Mara Cannot be Beat!!

Sari: Mara brings an excellent perspective and expertise to the college process. She is thorough and is always available. Plus, she made the college process a seamless one for both my daughters.

Jess and Jenna: Mara made applying for colleges easy and stress-free. She went over the process step by step with no trouble. Best of all, we got into our dream colleges because of her!

Jenna Fremont-College of Charleston
Jessica Fremont- BU
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Easy and Stress Free Experience!