Working with an Education Consultant: The Student Experience

How are some recent successful applicants handling this new landscape of college applications and admissions? In their own words, this is what they’ve found:

“Applying to college is a crazy process for all students,” says Andrea from Essex County, NJ. “In some ways, the pandemic has made it easier: virtual tours, for example, have allowed me to tour schools across the country without paying for flights or driving for hours. I’ve been able to “see” more schools than I would have otherwise.”

On the other hand, touring colleges virtually eliminates the chance to talk to students outside of class. Andrea also notes that “many of my friends who are freshmen in college have not had a normal campus experience and therefore cannot tell me much about their schools.”

“For most, applying to colleges brings on anxiety for a multitude of reasons,” adds Morgan from Jericho, Long Island, NY. “However, the additional restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic certainly has elevated those emotions. To make a decision on where one might potentially form a new life for themselves for the next four years is quite scary:  without gaining the experience of physically being there and feeling the atmosphere in real-time, how can we be expected to make that kind of commitment?”

Working with One2One Consulting can help streamline the process of gathering campus information because of their familiarity with colleges through prior clients. What you may not be able to see in person, or find online, Mara can be equipped to describe for you.

One of her clients, Luna of Miami, FL, will be starting at Yale in the Fall following a disruptive junior year marked by the pandemic and the sudden closure of her high school due to health regulations.

“Applying to schools during the pandemic was an interesting experience, to say the least,” says Luna. “Being a first generation college applicant, this new and confusing process scared me and it didn’t help that being forced to attend school online pushed me to be more independent with my college decisions.”

“Mara was my rock through it all,” she adds. “Her positive spirit and intense knowledge of the college process not only eased my stress on college decisions, but made me SURE that I was going to end up at my dream school.”

Not every high school’s guidance department is equipped to support every individual student through the college application process. Working with a dedicated education consultant throughout the process can lend the one-on-one guidance and support students and parents need to sort through seemingly endless information!

“After speaking to several college counselors, we are so grateful that we found Mara,” adds Liam from North Carolina. “She has the experience and passion that we need to help us navigate through this college admissions process, which was even made more complicated by the pandemic. Mara is handholding us through the tricky steps to making me appear desirable to college admissions. She really goes out of her way to figure out what I need!”

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