Working with an Education Consultant Can Pave a Smoother Road to College

There’s no question that the college admissions process underwent more sweeping changes in 2020 than ever before. It has left students feeling incredibly uncertain about the “right” path forward, and in many cases the solution seems to have been simply sending out more applications in the hope of getting admitting. This spring an NPR report, for example, stated the University of California system – which traditionally sees the most applicants of any system across the country – saw their number of applicants increase by more than 15%.

But is that the best strategy? To simply cast a wider net, hope for as many acceptances as possible, and then plan to sort them out later? Probably not, especially when you consider an average college application fee can range from $50 to $90 – and that many colleges require supplemental essays and other questions that go beyond what the Common Application asks.

Enter the Education Consultant.

One2One College Consulting, founded by Mara Patti, has been guiding students from across the country for more than 10 years. One2One can help you take charge of the process and ease the pressure on parents and students alike. By focusing on the things you can control – and by tuning out the ‘noise’ and negativity – you can make the admissions process smoother and (almost) stress-free!

In a prior post, we looked at the challenges and opportunities presented by limited in-person access to college campuses. Before you get to that point, though, you can work with an education consultant to:

  • Better focus your list of target schools
  • Create a plan to package yourself as the ideal applicant
  • Put a professional polish on your essays, supplemental statements, activity listings and résumés

You can also work with an education consultant to sort out the pro’s and con’s of “test optional” before deciding how much preparation you’ll need for SATs and ACTs.

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