A Parent’s View on Working with an Education Consultant

Parents want to see their teens admitted to their dream schools, but just as importantly they don’t want their kids to become overwhelmed with the process of getting there. Many parents have realized that working with education consultants like Mara at One2One is an ideal way to help their sons and daughters feel less stressed and more in control of their futures.

“Mara was my family’s saving grace during the college admissions process,” says Zoe R., whose daughter now attends Rollins College. “She explained and navigated us seamlessly through each and every step, helping my daughter shine in the best possible way. Mara was accessible and calmed our nerves when needed – which was quite a lot!”

Parents who have never had to navigate the process before may feel especially adrift, making services like Mara’s all the more valuable. “We had the pleasure of working with Mara throughout the college application process with our daughter,” says Monique from Roslyn, NY. “We had never been through this process before, and Mara guided us through seamlessly. She helped our daughter select a wide range of schools to apply, and when our daughter was feeling stressed, Mara always made herself available to help calm her nerves. Mara’s attention to detail, setting priorities and keeping us ahead of all deadlines was invaluable to us and we are so thrilled that we made the decision to work with her!

Monique’s daughter now attends Tulane University, her top-choice school. Meg W., whose daughter was accepted into Penn State, shares a similar experience. “Like many parents, we were nervous about the college application process,” Meg says. “Mara made our daughter’s experience seamless and stress free!”

Seamless and stress-free – there hasn’t been a lot about the last 18 months those words can describe. But teaming up with an education consultant can ease a great deal of the pressure throughout college application and admissions season, taking one of the most stressful times in a family’s life and turning it into a positive experience that pays long-term dividends!

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